It all started in 1993. Four young teenagers, Søren, Jeppe, Palle and Thomas formed the amazing band Saybia in their hometown Nyborg. Back in the days when we were gods.....!!!! Ain't they cute?


Thomas left the band and in 1997 Sebastian and Jess joined Saybia. Still experimenting with the music and with their looks! We can't imagine them with short hair ;-)) Have a look then!!
It's still great to listen to all these old songs. Our favourites are "I wish his eyes belonged to you", "Silence as your friend" and "Ordinary Man". We wouldn't mind if these songs will be played live again in the future for "one thousand four hundred and forty times". 'Cause we dream, dream of the songs they used to play, dreaming of how this would sound live!!


Saybia is fighting to be recognized in the music business and it's sometimes hard. That's why they moved to Copenhagen, the musical centre in Denmark! They toured a lot in their golden VW-bus!
"Do you remember............ driving in our car? Do you remember....... the exact time we went dry on gasoline?"
The touring in Denmark worked and they sold a lot of copies of their EP's, nowadays a rare collectors item and hard to get. Nope, we still don't have a copy, but there's always the internet for downloading all the old songs.


Their first album "The Second You Sleep" was released at January 21st 2002 and is number one in the charts immediately!! Saybia, your first platinum album is a fact!!!
"Become a star and lose yourself in fantasies"!!!


We can't imagine that we didn't even know Saybia back then!! It was at September 21st 2002 that we watched a Lowlands Festival special on the Dutch MTV, where we saw "The day after tomorrow". Mireille even was at this festival, three weeks before the broadcast, but still regrets that she didn't go to their performance in the India Tent!! Stupid, stupid, stupid!!
It all turned out fine and after this broadcast she ran to the record store and bought the album and found out that they would come to Holland that autumn!! She bought tickets for Tilburg, Groningen and Utrecht and at October 11th 2002 was our first Saybiaconcert in 013 Tilburg!! It was amazing and we are thinking back of a wonderful time that autumn, with many concerts, TV- and radio performances.


Like BNN's That's Live, a Dutch radio program at November 24th 2002. Saybia played some songs, but they didn't have enough time to broadcast all the songs. In this program there was a Robbie Williams competition too and that took all the time. What's new? But we had a wonderful day in the studio and are wondering if they still have the chocolate cigarettes we gave them as Sinterklaaspresent ;-)


We thought that 2002 was super, but Saybia came back in Holland that year in February and spoiled us again with three wonderful concerts! Like the one in Oosterpoort Groningen at February 15th 2003. This tour was especially known by the solo of "Joy" with Sebastian. At the end of the solo, Jeppe always played next to him. A wonderful picture is the result ;-)
And an embarrassing picture after that.....................

"Save me, save me before my head explodes"...........This solo of "Joy" had an extra dimension that night. Sebastian went on his knees right in front of Mireille. OOPS! Maybe we said it too often to him after some gigs that we liked his solo ;-) That kind of attention makes her a bit awkward and she couldn't help that she had a head as a tomato. Bernd had to laugh very hard of course. Next time Sebastian can fall on his knees in front of Bernd then...."She feels much joy, from the bottom of her well".....



The next day was in 013 Tilburg, but now the large hall. A great concert and everybody who was there has a good remembrance of this concert. The Live-EP is from this concert!! How great is that?


We went to Denmark for the first time in April 2003 to see Saybia live! The first concert was in Århus, on April 10th. We had a great time and during that period Saybia sang some new songs, which would probably come on their forthcoming album. They played “In Between”, “A River”, “Stranded” and “So Much Better. Only Stranded survived it. It was nice to see Palle and Jess switching the instruments.


Saybia can’t tour without their lovely tour manager Bjarke! He’s the man everybody can rely on. He’s the one who makes the curing honey drinks for Søren, when his voice needs to be oiled. He’s the one who’s washing Saybia’s clothes. But he’s also the one who has to be firm when the guys have to go into the tour bus to leave to the next destination. He’s the backbone!!!


After a lot of touring, Saybia needed a break to work on their second album and to relax. We’re glad that they didn’t fall “Apart”!! On “The Haunted House On The Hill” in Sweden they had a tough time, but at a beautiful day, it was a “Brilliant Sky” all over, Sebastian had a brilliant riff for a new song: “Brilliant Sky!” That was the beginning of a promising progress of their next album. Anton Corbijn was very interested in Saybia and he made some beautiful pictures of them and the cover of their next album “These Are The Days”. This picture was taken by him too! ;-)


And we were happy, because Saybia was on the road again (and so were we). After many concerts, TV-shows and festivals in our own country and abroad we can look back at a wonderful “These Are The Days” tour!!



We can’t imagine that we have to wait until their next album!!! We are in rehab right now:
-To be addicted or not to be addicted, that’s the question;
-Thou shall listen to a Saybia-album only once a week;
-Thou shall look on a Saybia-related website only once a week;
-Thou shall talk about Saybia only once a month;

Nah, relax, we can handle it, but we’ll be back on tour next year, that’s for sure!!


In the meantime, it's sometimes hard to get the rest and peace to sleep. Because we are thinking too much about the wonderful time we had the past Saybia-years. We have started to count sheep. Maybe it works! ;-)) ))))